How is chiropractic differentiated?

The fundamental premise of chiropractic is to recognize that your body is capable of self-regulating, self-healing or self-regenerating. This innate Intelligence is the same that has created your body, your cells, the engineering of your immune system, the digestive and respiratory processes. In short, this intelligence is what has given your life.

However, we devalue the healing potential of our own body. We apply healing remedies that do not go to the root of the problem, but the only thing we do is to put a patch when our body becomes ill or manifests symptoms.

Goals of the chiropractor

The fundamental mission of the chiropractor Coventry is to give your body the opportunity to recover, heal and/or stay healthy on its own, just as it has been designed.

Your responsibility

So that your body can experience optimal health and well-being (without pain or illness, or reducing them), leaving this internal doctor to act, your responsibility, as a patient, is to provide the right tools for its operation, instead of putting patches that prevent root recovery. Without these tools, no matter how smart your chiropractic organization may be, you will not be able to carry out this work in its entirety.

Unlike other health professions that see the disease as something external that must be combated from the outside with medicines, surgeries or palliative treatments, chiropractic has as its main objective to maximize the healing potential of your body from within.

The triangle of health

At Chiropractor Coventry, we offer a global and holistic care. The triangle of health is made up of the tools that each individual has to incorporate into their daily life so that this internal doctor can keep us healthy.

This triangle of health is made up of three factors:
  • Chemical factor
  • Mental factor
  • Physical factor